March 29, 2011

Justice League & Wonder Woman Films In The Works

Along with the news of a reboot for Batman Warner Bros' Jeff Robinov also spoke out on other DC hero projects. He confirms that script a for a new Justice League film is currently in the works. It's unknown if this a completely new take or a reworking of the previous script for George Miller's Justice League of America that got scrapped. What is known that Christopher Nolan will likely be involved as he is producing both the Superman and Batman reboots. I wouldn't be shocked to see him also producing Justice League and other future DC films. As it sits Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill seem like the only actors set for the film.

He also confirms that The Flash and Wonder Woman are still in development.  Last we heard of Wonder Woman there was a version in the works with Joss Whedon directing and Joel Silver producing. It's possible it could be a different take and be reworked to fall in a similar world of the new films. It's great news as fans have reservations of the new Wonder Woman television series which looks like it could end up really bad. Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive, Pusher Trilogy, Bronson, Logan's Run) had openly campaigned to direct a gritty Wonder Woman film and now that he's directing Warner Bros' Logan's Run it's strong possibility he could be hired. As for Flash,  script had been delivered to the studio back in December but no director has been announced.

Of course this sounds in line with previous talk of the DC heroes taking over for the Harry Potter franchise. So I expect we could be seeing two DC films a year one in the summer and one during the Christmas season. Not mentioned is the fate of the Green Arrow film Supermax written by David S. Goyer (Superman: Man of Steel, Nolan's Batman Films, Blade) or the rumored Aquaman project. If they are on the road of a Justice League film they really should put Supermax back in development as Green Arrow would be needed to ground the film slightly as he doesn't have superpowers. One thing that grounds the Avengers is the fact that characters like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Maria Hill and Nick Fury don't have superpowers but are still great heroes.

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