March 10, 2011

Gary Oldman Confirms Catwoman Costume & Another Villain

During press for his upcoming film Red Riding Hood Gary Oldman talked about The Dark Knight Rises. He didn't give solid answers to questions he gave another tidbits to wet any fan's appetite. Gary first said that a classic Batman villain has yet to be revealed via UK's EOnline. He also confirmed to Flicks&Bits a costume for Anne Hathaway as he was privy to Catwoman concept artwork.

"I think it's a villain from one of the old, old, from way back from the old comics. It is a Batman villian... It's not going to be the Joker....I think she'll probably wear the cat suit pretty well, don't you?"

"I went to the production offices the other day and there’s all these fantastic pictures across the wall, Catwoman, this, that, and I thought where’s my wall? I don’t have a wall, I just have a rack of very very dull clothes (laughs). I’m looking forward to working with the gang again, Academy Award winning Christian Bale, I bet he won’t get my coffee anymore (laughs)."

If they are going with a classic/old school villain it could end up being Deadshot (1950), Calender Man (1958), Clayface (1940), Solomon Grundy (1944), Hugo Strange (1940), Talia al Ghul (1971), The Penguin (1941), Mad Hatter (1948) or Killer Moth (1951). I would have included both Freeze and Riddler but Nolan has previously stated that neither will be in the film. Talia, Deadshot, Hugo Strange and Calender Man seem like the best bet of bunch. Yet I wouldn't rule out a Nolan version of Red Hood.

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