March 17, 2011

Bradley Cooper Rumored Frontrunner For Daredevil, Garrett Hedlund Also Interested

This sounds more promising than the previous rumor that Robert Pattinson would take up the red jumpsuit in the Daredevil reboot. Two seperate new rumors suggest that Bradley Cooper (Hangover, Limitless) is the frontrunner and Garrett Hedlund (Troy, Tron Legacy) is also in the mix for the lead.

Garrett had been in the running for Captain America but dropped out early to commit to Tron Legacy and it's sequel. As the Captain America role we be a commitment to six films not leaving much room for Tron 3. Cooper also tested for a superhero role when he was almost locked in as Green Lantern until Ryan Reynolds swooped in and took the role. Bradley is becoming a bigger name but has yet to jump in role of an action lead. Besides his supporting role in the underwhelming A-Team which was a 20th Century Fox film. He's been linked for The Flash but seems like he had a bad experience testing for Green Lantern and won't be doing any DC films anytime soon. A Marvel film might suit Bradley better as I thought he'd make an excellent Hawkeye before Jeremy Renner landed the role. I'd be happy with either of them yet it's still in early stages of development so these won't be the only names attached to the reboot.

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