March 16, 2011

Megan Fox Could Join The Knocked Up Spin-Off

HeatVision reports that Megan Fox is in talks for a role in Judd Apatow's Untitled Knocked Up Sequel. The film won't focus on any of Seth Rogen character's more interesting roommates played by Jonah Hill and Jason Segel but the perfect family which featured Apatow's wife and children. I've been very critical of this project and it sounds terrible as one of the reasons I disliked Funny People was how he involved his kids in a film that worked better as a buddy comedy. Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann of course will be returning and I expect others from the first film will be returning as well. Paul Rudd is the only reason I would even think of checking this out as he's best used when teamed up with Judd.

Megan Fox has been off the radar lately since she was kicked off Transformers 3 and Jonah Hex did so poorly at the box office. I was shocked she didn't get more praise for her fantastic job in the horror comedy Jennifer's Body. I expect she'll play a woman who is ends up involved with Rudd causing him to leave his wife.

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