March 22, 2011

5 Comedy Directors That Should Be Considered For Deadpool

Daredevil director David Slade recently tweeted that Fox is currently looking for "comedy directors" to make the Deadpool film. It's not surprising as the "merc with a mouth" is full of nothing but one liners and quick wit. While they had previously pursued Robert Rodriquez it's likely they're now looking for someone able to balance the high level of comedy with the extreme action of a comic book film. If Ryan Reynolds is committed to doing the film and making sure it's R-rated I have a few names in mind for Fox to consider.

DAVID GORDON GREEN: One of the only people connected with the Apatow crew that I believe could do this right. David's madness of fusing adrenaline fueled action with slapstick comedy was best shown in Pineapple Express. Your Highness looks like it could be just as crazy this time giving the director the chance to work with a bigger budget and special effects. If Fox wants a comic book film that we've never seen before he certainly could deliver one.

JAMES GUNN: On the same level of "what the fuck moments" that Gordon Green has James Gunn could be just as mad when it comes to bringing Deadpool to the screen. His films Slither and the upcoming Super are set in a surreal world that screams Deadpool. Another director who give us an exciting, violent and bizarre ride.

JODY HILL: Jody is best known for his amazing HBO series East Bound & Down along with his dark comedies Fist Foot Way and Observe & Report. His sense of smart quips and dark humor could be great for Deadpool. My only issue with Hill is that he hasn't had much experience with large scale action setups or special effects and could feel overwhelmed by the action scenes.

JOE CORNISH: Currently Joe Cornish is gaining more commercial writing gigs teaming up with Edgar Wright for the Spielberg/Peter Jackson Tintin trilogy along with Marvel's long in development Ant-Man. Edgar has enough on his plate with Baby Driver, Ant-Man and World's End so he's out of the running in my mind. Cornish on the other hand is getting a lot of buzz for his original film Attack The Block which won over a lot of critics over at SXSW this year. I have yet to see the film but if he's able to deliver a film on the cheap for Fox they would seriously consider him.

RUBEN FLEISCHER: The man behind the resurrection of America's love affair with zombies and more than likely helped AMC commit to making Walking Dead. He's currently working on post-production on 30 Minutes Or Less and has mentioned wanting to start filming Zombieland 2 in the near future. The obvious Zombieland connection to Deadpool screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett makes him a excellent choice as Ruben understands how to shoot their scripts properly while also keeping to a minimal budget.


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