March 20, 2011

RUMOR: Juno Temple Playing Robin In Dark Knight Rises?

When Juno Temple was initially linked for a role in The Dark Knight Rises most were quick to believe she might be playing Harley Quinn. While that is a possibility AICN is floating the rumor that Juno very well could be up for the role of Carrie Kelly/Stephanie Brown the female Robin.

"When we last saw Barbara “Batgirl” Gordon she was still pretty tiny, so my suspicion is they might be casting something akin to a female Robin."

Robin had been rumored previously when the character had been linked to location scouting. Of course this is just speculation but AICN is known to have insider information. I'm glad all avenues of Dick Grayson have been axed so far. If Robin does make the film I'd rather see an alternative version never seen in the films like Carrie or Stephanie. Carrie Kelly was a character created by Frank Miller and if this is indeed the last Batman film I'd hope to see some of Miller's characters in Dark Knight Rises.

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