January 28, 2011

Dark Horse Comic's Mike Richardson Hints B.P.R.D. Film

President of Dark Horse Comics Mike Richardson spoke to MTV about future films based on their comics. He revealed that since Guillermo del Toro is busy with other projects we could see a B.P.R.D. film before Hellboy 3. Guillermo del Toro previously told MTV that he'd give his blessing for another director to make a B.P.R.D. spin-off while he was busy with other things.

"There are some other projects Guillermo is working on right now, but you might be more likely to see a 'B.P.R.D.' movie before another 'Hellboy' movie," 

Doug Jones who plays Abe Sapien spoke to FearNet on the possibility of a B.P.R.D. film.

"That's another comic book series that Mike Mignola wrote in that same Hellboy universe. Abe Sapien is the central character/creature in that. So that would be an answer too. And that would probably be a property that Guillermo del Toro wouldn't need to direct himself, and that Universal would be happy to do with another director. With Hellboy III I think they're really holding out for him, for Guillermo."

The last thing we saw in Hellboy 2 the group resigned from the agency and I'm sure would need replacements. The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense has plenty of agents in the comics. So it's possible unused characters could be showcased in the spin-off. Agents like Roger, Dr. Kate Corrigan, Ben Daimio, Panya and Professor Donnell likely would be involved in the spin-off. Introducing a new team could be a great setup for Hellboy 3. It could also be an excellent opportunity to tell the origin story of Lobster Johnson as well.

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