January 28, 2011

RUMOR: Robin Williams Playing Hugo Strange In Dark Knight Rises?

The Dark Knight Rises rumor of the day comes from both Batman-News and Batman-On-Film who believe Robin Williams could be playing Hugo Strange. Robin Williams has stated before he'd love to be in one of the new Nolan films. He previously had been pursed for the role of the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman and Riddler for Batman Forever. Williams has worked with Christopher Nolan before as the villain in Insomnia.

It had been long rumored that Tom Hardy was going to play Hugo but was officially cast as Bane. Hardy seemed way too young to play older villain. Robin on the other hand seems like the perfect actor to take on the role. He's had a steady stream of badass roles in films like Good Will Hunting, One Hour Photo and Insomnia. Nolan has previously used more than one villain in the previous films so it does seem likely. Of course like with any rumor until it's confirmed by the studio it's just wishful thinking.

Would You Like To See Robin Williams Play Hugo Strange? Does The Film Need Another Villain? Leave Your Comments!

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