January 19, 2011

EDITORIAL: First Class A New X-Men Franchise For Fox?

I believe that one of the biggest reasons for 20th Century Fox making X-Men First Class is to branch out their X-Men universe. Creating a side-franchise for the studio since they could very well lose the rights to their Marvel properties like Daredevil and The Fantastic Four. The Wolverine and Deadpool have the greatest potential as successful spin-offs for Fox. The First Class films could help expand the X-Men universe while being a great place to insert their laundry list of unused mutants and origin stories.

So why do I believe that X-Men First Class is going become it's own franchise?  Fox more than likely has a plan for showing off more origins like ones for Jean, Scott, Storm and Gambit in future films. It's not financially sound to go and make solo origin films for all of these characters. Including their origins slowly in a First Class franchise makes more sense. It's also a perfect reason to have period based comic book films. While this film is set in the 60's the next film could be in the 70's. Still keeping it's Bond style of globetrotting with elaborate sets and costumes. Giving us fresh takes on the genre by changing up the eras. 

One of the biggest issues for fans was the exclusion of Jean and Scott. Yet if they were going by previous films neither would have been born when Xavier was young. Since they've sort of killed off both Scott and Jean it would make sense to feature their origin stories in a sequel.

It made sense for the first movie to focus on the older characters like Xavier, Magneto, Beast, Emma Frost and Mystique. The studio went on to use story elements from the Magento and Mystique (rumored) origin films. While it's unlikely the characters will now get their own spin-offs they could return for sequels. January Jones recently said she would like to return for another film. So it's possible they've locked in the actors for more movies.

Aaron Johnson had been rumored for the role of Cyclops and Gambit so it's possible they've already set things in motion with a cameo. Stephen Lang (Avatar, Conan) would love to play the role of Cable and could also be involved in any of the future X-Men films.

There had been talk of making a New Mutants/X-Force film but I wouldn't be surprised to see it and the members (Cable) being absorbed into a second movie. Yet you never know it could also be used in X-Men 4 which Bryan Singer is likely to direct when he is finished with Jack The Giant Killer.

Granted we haven't even seen a trailer yet but it's very possible if the movie does well this summer we could see more of these prequels.

Would You Like More X-Men Origin Stories Used In First Class 2? Should Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Cable and Gambit Be Featured In The Prequels? Leave Your Comments!

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