January 14, 2011

Noomi Rapace Cast In Ridley Scott's Prometheus Coming May 9th 2012

Deadline reports that Fox and Ridley Scott have cast Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus which is set for release on March 9th 2012.  The project was originally set to be a prequel to Alien but has become an original project. Ridley hasn't made an original science fiction project since the greatest film of the genre Bladerunner. While story elements are unknown Ridley states there will be familiar Alien DNA and promises a grand mythology/universe. I gather he means it will be a science fiction horror film and could likely involve aliens just not the Xenomorph.

Rapace had been championed by Ridley while Fox had their doubts but it looks like the director has got his way. Interesting enough is their new announcement that Angelina Jolie is going up against Charlize Theron for the role of Vickers. I'm curious to see who comes on top either way it should be enough for Fox to fit the bill for rather expensive production's budget. While I'm worried about Jolie's abilities, with Ridley in charge I have faith it could be amazing none the less. The only other name not mentioned is Michael Fassbender who had been linked for the role of the ship's android David.

To be honest this new information gives me the relief that our love for Alien won't be tarnished by a possible bad prequel. Now there is hope that we'll have yet another epically scaled science fiction classic from Ridley. I'm fully on board with this and will be following this closely and will post non-spoilers plot details when they surface. 

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