January 20, 2011

Marvel Studios Hires Writer For Black Panther

HeatVision reports that Marvel Studios has hired Mark Bailey to write a draft of Black Panther. It's been rumored for months that Panther would be one of the many in development projects that could be in Marvel's next lineup. Now that there is script in the works I wouldn't be surprised to see more movement on the project. Black Panther is yet another key member of The Avengers and is one of the most interesting characters in Marvel's roster.

T'Challa is the Prince of Wakanda a fictional African nation which is rich with a powerful mineral resource and is the most advanced technological country in the world. The country still holds it's tribal roots by having it's leader open to mortal combat for challenges to the throne. The royal family acts as the nation's leaders and protectors using alter-ego of Black Panther. T'Challa is also one of Marvel's smartest heroes alongside Stark and Mr. Fantastic.

There have been a few actors interested in the role. When it was originally developed in the 90's Wesley Snipes was attached to play the hero. There is now contention that there are two possible actors in the running. One could be Djimon Hounsou (The Island, Gladiator) who voiced Panther in short lived animated series. The other is Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (The Thing prequel, G.I. Joe, Lost) who mentioned talking with Marvel for the role. Of course Marvel has had many chances over the last couple of films to test other actors for the role.

Hopefully Black Panther along with Ant-Man and Iron Fist will be the next big lineup for Marvel Studios. Since the three projects are very unique comic book films and could expand the genre. Giving way to more fantastical characters like Dr. Strange and others. 

Are You Excited For The Black Panther Film? Who Would You Want To Play The Hero? Which Director Should Tackle It? Leave Your Comments!

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