January 20, 2011

Sony Buys Neill Blomkamp's Elysium & Chappie Is His Next Film

Deadline has updated their previous story on Neill Blomkamp's Elysium which has been bought by Sony Pictures for distribution. The studio worked with Blomkamp distributing District 9 and paid a hefty sum of $120 Million for the rights. It might seem like a lot but considering District 9 made $210 Million compared to it's production only cost $30 Million it very well could end up being a big payday for Sony.

Also the site mentions Media Capital Rights has signed a production deal with Neill which will cover both Elysium and a new project. The project titled Chappie will start production when Elysium is completed. There is zero information on the original project but has been written by the director. While there is assumption this could be the District 9 prequel/sequel I think it's doubtful if Blomkamp is keen on making new original projects.

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