January 18, 2011

Duncan Jones's Blade Runner Homage "Future City Film" Is Next, Mute Is Dead?

Writer/director Duncan Jones is becoming the next big name in science fiction films. His first film Moon is one of the best from the genre in the last 10 years and his upcoming Source Code looks to be just as interesting.

There had been talk from Jones his next film would be Mute. A film noir set in a futuristic Berlin with a lead character that is unable to speak. Mute is apparently having issues with finding fiances and could be stuck in limbo. In a new interview with WeGotThisCovered , Duncan says that his next film will be Future City Film (working title) and talks on Mute's issues. Another homage to the work of Ridley Scott taking inspiration from Blade Runner. Mute was also to take some elements from the classic android film. His first film Moon takes a lot of it's tone and imagery from Ridley's Alien.

While I'm upset that Mute is being put on hold as long as Jones is sticking with science fiction I'm happy. Plus any film that is influenced by Blade Runner is going to interest me. I'll be curious to see if the noir elements which were going to be used in Mute will also be involved with the new project.

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