January 30, 2011

Henry Cavill Officially Cast As Superman!

So it looks like Warner Bros. and director Zack Snyder have hired their new Superman. It's British actor Henry Cavill (Immortals, Tudors) who was originally up for the role back when he tested for Superman Returns. Cavill has famously also been in the running for Batman and Bond. So I'm sure he was on producer Christopher Nolan's radar. It's an excellent choice since Henry is a brilliant actor and will bring more to the two dimensional superhero. I wouldn't be surprised this being a first step to bring in a new franchise for the studio considering Batman is on it's way out.

HeatVision reports that Cavill had been in the running since day one. The actor beat out some high profile and lesser known candidates such as Matthew Goode (Watchmen), Armie Hammer (Social Network), Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Spider-Man), Matthew Bomer (White Collar) and Colin O’Donaghue (The Rite).

Do You Like The New Superman? Is It Terrible That The Actor Isn't American? Leave Your Comments!

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