January 18, 2011

FIRST LOOK: X-Men First Class Cast In Costume

DailyBlam has what it appears to be the first cast photo from X-Men First Class. While they say it's from 20th Century Fox it's odd other blog outlets haven't posted the image. If it's from a magazine why not mention it? I assume this could very well be fan art but until there is confirmation in either case it's cool none the less. It does give off a very 60's X-Men meets Kick-Ass vibe.

UPDATE: A friend over at ComicBookMovie has alerted me that the image comes from a hosted image by MSN. So this very well could be the real deal. It's odd that DailyBlam didn't credit finding it on MSN which could have stomped the idea it was fake.

What Do You Think Of The 1960's Look For The First X-Men Team? Leave Your Comments!!

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