January 24, 2011

Duncan Jones Dropped Out Of Superman & Judge Dredd Reboot

ComingSoon was able to speak with writer/director Duncan Jones (Moon) while doing some press for Source Code. He went on to say he dropped out of the running to direct Superman: Man of Steel because of the scale of the production. It makes sense considering his inexperience at that time. Along with his use of limited amount of actors and sets in both Source Code and Moon. Jones also while interested with Judge Dredd turned down directing the reboot Dredd. Let's hope we eventually see Duncan take on some comic book properties in the future. There had been a bit of an online campaign to see him direct Iron Man 3.

“I was thrilled to be on that short list. For me, that was enough. I don’t know if I would be ready for that leap yet. I did have a meeting with Chris and he’s a fantastic guy and seemed to have really enjoyed ‘Moon,’ so there was some legitimate interest in me. I think, maybe, I’m not quite ready for that scale of project and that scale of expectation from an audience that is already existing and is waiting to see the next generation of ‘Superman’ film. I don’t know. It’s a hard one. I’m a huge Superman fan and Bizarro Superman fan. And also a big ‘Judge Dredd’ fan, which was another one that came my way. Those are two very different scales of projects. Superman was so big that I think I was a little intimidated by it and sort of backed out. ‘Judge Dredd’ I really thought about and it ended up not being right for me because I had such strong feelings and opinions on what I wanted that film to be. Although I really like what they’re going to do with it, it’s not the film that I was going to make. So that one wasn’t going to work out.”

What's interesting is that Duncan could have revealed that Bizzaro Superman is involved with Snyder's film. Bizzaro along with Brainaic are excellent possible additions to the new Superman film universe. Of course he could just be referring to the character with affection

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