January 19, 2011

Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman & Tom Hardy Is Bane In Dark Knight Rises

Warner Bros. has sent out the official press release that Anne Hathaway has joined The Dark Knight Rises. Anne will play Selina Kyle the sleek thief that is also known as Catwoman. Also in the press release they announce that Tom Hardy will play the villain Bane. It will be interesting to see which versions of the characters will be in the film. Knowing Christopher Nolan's love for large casts I believe we could be seeing more characters and actors announced in the coming weeks.

We've seen some supernatural elements involved with Catwoman's origin in Batman Returns. Yet I expect we'll see Selina Kyle as more of a regular love interest and possible ally of Batman. On the other hand Kyle could also end up playing both sides playing both lover and enemy.

It should be a redemption for the character of Bane since he's been portrayed as mindless muscle bound brute. This goes against the original character who is brilliant and also plays both sides. Even working alongside Batman on a few occasions.

What Do You Think Of The Addition Of Anne Hathaway As Catwoman? What About Bane? Should He Be The Only Villain? Who Else Should Be In The Film? Leave Your Comments!

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