October 10, 2014

Jeremy Renner Game For A HAWKEYE Spin-Off Film

Another week, and another Marvel actor has changed their tune. Robert Downey Jr. flip-flopped when asked about Iron Man 4's development last week. Only to reveal that there were indeed zero plans to make it at the moment. Now while promoting his buzz-worthy film Kill The Messenger, Jeremy Renner is changing previous statements concerning a Hawkeye solo movie.

Renner had been asked about his desire to have a solo outing as Clint Barton, but was quick to point-out that his character was getting flushed-out in Age of Ultron and possibly Captain America 3. Being completely comfortable with being apart of the assemble. However, during his Reddit AMA he sounded a bit more optimistic, that's if Marvel decides to make a spin-off focusing on Mr. Barton. Here's what Jeremy had to say when asked about a Hawkeye movie (maybe West Coast Avengers?).

"Am I interested? Always have been interested. I always love Clint, and in the last Avengers: Age of Ultron, we got to dive into him some more. Very excited about the outcome of it, and where it can go in the future. But all I can do is want. And that's all I can do. It all comes down to the content, and really how the puppeteers at Marvel can manifest a story that's worthy of a solo movie. Not sure what that is, or how that is, but I'm confident they can do whatever they want, if they want to do it. And I'd be game."


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