October 7, 2014

Robert Downey Jr. Serious About IRON MAN 4 Or Is He Trolling To Promote His New Film?

Robert Downey Jr. is on a promo tour for his newest film The Judge. This has led to a non-stop amount of questions concerning Iron Man 4, even though Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out in May. A few months ago Robert was definitive saying that there were "no plans for a fourth" film. However, the actor known to be tongue-and-cheek has been joking around with press about the prospect.

Talking with Deadline, he jokingly said he would only do a fourth film if Mel Gibson directed it. Even though it was the actor being his comical-self, a lot of blogs took this as gospel. We know Disney and Marvel wouldn't touch Gibson with a ten-foot-pole (part of the joke).

However, Shane Black has gone on record stating he'd love to return for Iron Man 4 and Iron Man 5. Too bad, he's busy with The Nice Guys, Doc Savage and a new Predator film. Black is one of the key reasons the film skyrocketed to making over a billion dollars. I doubt they'd replace Shane at this point, considering the film's success.

Going along with this tour of trolling interviewers asking about Iron Man 4, Robert went on Ellen today. This clip sounds like a confirmation of sorts, as Ellen is on ABC (which is apart of the Marvel/Disney family). This might be more official sounding, but Robert loves to goat-people to get applause. What he actually is saying is that talks are happening. This could actually be pertaining to Avengers 3, or this rumored big crossover event film. I'm not entirely sure we'll be seeing Iron Man 4 until Phase Four.

He also mentioned it during his Reddit AMA session saying "sooner rather than later".

The Judge didn't get the warm reception it was expected to have at the Toronto International Film Festival. Lukewarm to average reviews from hard-nosed critics, might hurt the smaller character-driven film to find an audience. Robert's box office with non-Marvel or Sherlock films hasn't been the greatest. Could he be playing games to get attention for his newest film?

We won't know officially until Marvel finally announces the rest of their plans, but it's unknown when that will be. As it stands now, there is no script, director or release date. I'm not holding my breath about this one. I'm a bit suspicious since trade reporters seem to always be tipped off to Robert's meetings and contract talks concerning Marvel films. While we haven't heard any chatter until this week (via Robert), when his new film is being released.

It also sounds a bit odd, since Kevin Feige has been talking about Iron Man being their Bond role. Meaning, they are likely going to recast the role. We've even heard Stark's future in the MCU will be scaled-back to that more of a Nick Fury role in the universe.

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