October 13, 2014

The Russo Brothers In-Talks With Marvel To Direct AVENGERS 3 And AVENGERS 4?

BadassDigest has one more bit of big Marvel news, they are reporting that The Russo Brothers are already in-talks to direct Avengers 3 and Avengers 4. This would mean that they'd be committed to making three more films for Marvel Studios. Which in my opinion is the best thing for Marvel, keep these two locked-down as your directing team. This would mean Joss Whedon wouldn't be directing future installments, leaving him free to direct other things.

How closely will Captain America 3 tie in with Avengers 3? I've been told that the Russo Brothers are in talks to direct Avengers 3 and possibly 4. Sources tell me that they're the favorites of Marvel right now and that they are the guys Kevin Feige want to pick up the mantle from Joss Whedon.

The directing siblings proved on so many levels they understand and cherish this source material. The Winter Soldier, gave us solid villains with while reintroducing us to heroes we thought we knew. Widow became a hardened badass and given the screen time/scenes she deserves. Rogers finally becomes the loveable righteous hero from the comics, we want to root for. Not just a snarky boy-scout which was shown in Avengers.

If this turns out to be true, I can't imagine how awesome future Avengers installments could be. The duo is already wowing me with how they're tackling Captain America 3, by incorporating the Civil War stuff. Something fans imagined would actually never happen.

Joss Whedon stepping aside and giving over the Avengers to the Russo Brothers makes sense. We know that Whedon isn't a fan of directing all these conflicting heroes and powers. He seemingly could want to tell a more linear type of superhero story. We know that he's been mulling around ideas for new Hulk film with Mark Ruffalo, starting back in 2012.

There is also the possibility of Whedon moving-on from Avengers to help Marvel make tough projects like Black Panther or Captain Marvel. We know that both are in active develop at the studio and have outlines/early drafts kicking-around. Whedon working his magic on those two heroes could be something extremely special. It's not a bad thing to see Joss move-on from Avengers, as long as he's sticking around for other things within the MCU.


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