October 30, 2014

Sony Developing An All Female Team-Up Movie Set In The SPIDER-MAN Universe?

While some people are under some sort of impression that Spider-Man is going to be joining the ranks of Marvel's cinematic universe, at moment that is all opinion and rumor. Sony is clearly moving forward with more movies, and they don't seem to care much about including Parker in the MCU. Honestly, I don't think Marvel Studios even needs characters like Spider-Man or the X-Men, consider their huge lineup for Phase Three. If they did share or barrow Spider-Man, it would be the most expensive/pointless fan service moment ever. It would actually only benefit Sony, and this the reason I think Marvel will never do it. Captain America: Civil War is basically the best entry point for Spider-Man, and it's seems like Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther will be filling that gap.

Sony has been scrambling to figure out how to win-over audiences after their Amazing Spider-Man franchise keeps dipping in profits, and fan support. Interesting ideas have been springing-up of how to expand the Spider-Man universe. This comes at a cost though, the studio has basically put Amazing Spider-Man 3 on ice. Along with the rumored axing of Alex Kurtzman's Venom spin-off, as Alex moves on to direct Universal's Mummy reboot instead. It's doubtful that Venom will actually get made, and could likely be folded in Sinister Six.

The studio was so eager to get their villain movie Sinister Six up and running, they pulled it's writer and director Drew Goddard (The Martian, Cloverfield, Cabin In The Woods, Daredevil) off Marvel's Daredevil series. The Venom symboite was linked to being held at Oscorp, so it's extremely possible Venom will somehow factor-in to the film. Goddard is an extremely talented writer and director, I have a lot of support for this project. However, producers like Avi Arad could fuck-up it's potential with god-awful notes. There have been rumblings the film could also see a light-reboot of Peter Parker, and could see someone replacing Andrew Garfield.

That remains to be seen, but hiring another actor could help further distance the franchise from the last two installments. Considering Andrew is the literal face of the rebooted franchise. Webb could stay or go, but if Sinister Six connects with audiences. I don't doubt they'll try to get Goddard as their archtiure of their Spidey universe. I'm fine with Sinister Six happening, and thought Weta Workshop did a decent job on the Green Goblin costume, which looked inspired by Metal Gear Solid. The lineup apparently will include Goblin (Norman or Harry?), Doc Ock, Vulture, Kraven, Mysterio and Rhino. This is fine and dandy, but else is Sony planning on giving us, while they try to fix the main guy?

Well we've been hearing about a female-led Spider-Man movie which is coming out in 2016, with a script from Lisa Joy Nolan (Westworld, Burn Notice, Pushing Daises). BadassDigest might have found out what the studio's plan is for the film. The project has the working title Glass Celling (a reference to both Shattered Dimensions and real-world struggle women face in the workforce?), and could include an entire team of female characters. Could this be the same movie Lisa wrote for the studio?

Devin gives the impression this is possibly the direction that project could be going. And provides us with a list of possible characters that could team-up together in the film. They include Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat (currently played by Felicity Jones), Spider-Girl (I'm hoping for Ayna Cortez), Silver Sable, Cindy Moon (Silk) and even possibly Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman). The latter would be a giant slap in the face to Marvel, because the character rights might belong to Sony. But Jessica has extremely strong ties to Hydra, SHIELD and The Avengers.

The brand new Spidey character Silk is mentioned, and could be a way to get around the issue of Jessica Drew. Considering that Marvel might try to block the use of her, or the character might fall-under some sort of shared rights. It's doubtful Sony will want to share any of these characters with Marvel. Cindy Moon is also one of the many ladies who becomes romantically involved with Peter Parker. It doesn't hurt that Cindy is an Asian-American superhero, and would make her the first mainstream female superhero played by a visible minority. Marvel Comics is also giving the character her own series, which speaks volumes.

We've all assumed that Felicia Hardy could the lead of the film, but Cindy could make a lot more sense. Considering her powers, backstory and connection to Park could make a better candidate for spin-offs and solo adventures. Having a female version of Spider-Man is great way to move forward, and help develop the franchise to modern times. As we're seeing studios begin to embrace the era of the female heroine.

There are plenty of actresses that could be excellent for the role. Brenda Song from 21 Jump Street and The Social Network comes to mind. However, I'm sure Sin City A Dame To Kill For and Sucker Punch actress Jaime Chung would get huge support. Previously, working with Andrew Garfield might make Brenda the stronger candidate. While Jaime has an excellent track record of action roles, and has a decent level of awareness. She's even voicing a Marvel character for Disney's Big Hero 6.

Sony got the jump on both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. with their intentions being revealed months before Wonder Woman coming June 2017 and Captain Marvel coming July 2018 were announced. If the film does happen and is released in 2017, it could be our first modern mainstream female-led superhero film. While most are cynical about the prospect of Sony making more Spidey movies. At least, this might be our first out-the-gate modern mainstream female superhero movie. Still, this seems a bit more interesting than trying to give us a entire feature film set around Venom.

Black Cat is seemingly the only real lock here, since the character was introduced in Amazing Spider-Man 2 as working for Oscorp. Talented actress Felicity Jones plays her, and it's expected she'll develop into the cat burglar turned Spidey partner eventually.

The question most might ask is are there enough villains to go around? I'm sure that some of the these characters could be introduced or even become the heroic leads in Sinister Six. The straight-answer is that there are plenty of villains besides those six.

Ones that are seemingly absent from future plans include Carnage, Scorpion, Chameleon, The Jackal, Kaine, Wilson Fisk (apparently shared with Marvel), Hobgoblin, Tombstone, The Shocker, Hammerhead, Sandman and Morbius (along with Venom was teased in Amazing Spider-Man 2). It's apparent that Sony has access to a huge list of rogues to use for future movies.

Along with plenty of female villains such as Elaine Coll (Scorpia), Frances Barrison (Shriek), Donna Deigo (Scream), Anastasia Kravinoff (Grim Huntress and daughter of Kraven) and extremely obscure Delilah (Spider-Man's long-lost villainous sister). Donna over at HitFix actually wrote a stellar article mapping-out all the excellent unused female villains of the Spider-Man comics. Here's hoping we see of couple them show-up, sooner rather than later.

These world-building films aren't terrible ideas, but the fan base is already fed-up with Sony and are wishing Marvel would just takeover. I think if we go into these two films with low-expectations and maybe they'll surprise us. Writing-off the entire idea without hearing directing and casting information is a bit premature, since we would be getting the heroines we've been asking before Marvel and DC does.

Will Sony actually follow-through with this project? And do you think it's a good idea to expand the franchise this way?


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