October 28, 2014

Marvel Pulls A Fake-Out And Announces CAPTAIN MARVEL Movie For 2018

Another huge Phase Three announcement was that Captain Marvel is coming July 2018, and she will indeed be Carol Danvers. The comic reboot of the character has been one of the more popular female titles and the super-powered heroine has long been championed to join the Marvel cinematic universe. Marvel's Kevin Feige confirmed that the film has been in development at the studio just as long as Doctor Strange.

"This film has been in the works almost as long as Doctor Strange or Guardians of the Galaxy before it came out, and one of the key things was figuring out what we wanted to do with it. Her adventures are very earthbound, but her powers are based in the cosmic realm.”

Like I've stated dozens of times, Marvel has a draft already in place. However, a new writer and director aren't ready to be announced. Production on the film more than likely won't begin until 2017, they the studio has plenty of time to find a director. There are already rumblings she'll have a cameo in Age of Ultron, this announcement will likely keep that rumor kicking until it's confirmed or debunked in May.

I'm still placing a huge bet we'll be seeing former Black Widow actress Emily Blunt as Carol Danvers in 2018. My hunches have payed-off recently with Chadwick Boseman confirmed for Black Panther and Benedict Cumberbatch the frontrunner for Doctor Strange. Hopefully, this casting support for Blunt get's the Marvel stamp of approval as well. The actress best known for kick-ass roles in Edge of Tomorrow and Looper, has been linked for the role since 2012.


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