October 10, 2014

Chad Stahelski Needs To Direct The HAWKEYE Movie!

What could Marvel's Hawkeye movie look like? Well that remains to be seen, as people have some theories of what direction Marvel should go with a spin-off. Some think parring Clint with Black Widow to explore their shared adventures in Budapest is a good idea. My personal assumption is that Hawkeye could become a major lead in a West Coast Avengers/New Avengers splinter film. We've been hearing rumblings that Marvel is considering on using another team in a feature film, but unsure what that could be (Avengers West Coast, New Avengers, Secret Wars?).

With that said, there are plenty of awesome action filmmakers making their mark in the last couple of years. Who I think could make a pretty damn fine Hawkeye movie, whatever direction Marvel takes him. One in particular I believe could make the biggest impact for a badass solo Hawkeye movie, that would be John Wick director Chad Stahelski.

Chad is a director, 2nd unit director and stunt coordinator that has been making a name for himself with his company 87 Eleven. They are responsible for some of the best stunt/action sequences in Hollywood. He even did some stunt work on Iron Man 2, so there is a tiny connection to Marvel Studios. Some of the company's stunt credits include The Crow, Point Break, The Matrix Trilogy, Spider-Man 2, Mr. And Mrs. Smith, Serenity, V For Vendetta, 300, Die Hard 4, Rambo, Killer Elite, The Wolverine, Hunger Games 1-2, and Expendables 1-2.

One of the biggest concerns of Marvel fans is how to make a film compelling with a powerless hero. We don't seem to ask those questions when it comes to massively entertaining franchises like Bond or Bourne. I'm a bit curious why fans don't cut Hawkeye and Black Widow some goddamn slack. I believe there is some middle-ground where you could allow them to have some powers eventually. Barton does become both Ronin and Goliath, two alter-egos that have yet to be explored in the cinematic universe. There are plenty of stories to explore with both these characters, and Stahelski is the director to give fans a thrilling ride.

Below is the trailer for John Wick, a film which currently holds a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Along with his second unit work on movies like Hunger Games, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Expendables 2, and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. While a script likely doesn't exist for this possible spin-off, at least we have an idea of who should bring it to life.

Chad Stahleski Vehicle Reel from 87eleven on Vimeo.

Should Marvel Studios give Chad Stahleski a shot at giving fans an action-packed Hawkeye movie?

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