October 25, 2014

Claudia Kim Might Be The Fourth Lady In AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON But What Is Her Role?

Besides the reveal of Andy Serkis in the teaser trailer for Age of Ultron, one more thing fans are curious about. Who is that third woman at that party scene with the rest of the Avengers? It hasn't been confirmed but it looks like it just might be Claudia Kim.

Claudia's role in Avengers Age of Ultron might be bigger than we are expecting. Considering she very well might be the third lady at the party Ultron crashes in the recent teaser trailer. A lot of people were claiming this was just Jane Foster played by Natalie Portman, but she was never added to the film's lineup. Kim actually confirmed her role in the film to ScreenSlam on the red carpet of the premeire of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I think it's more mysterious who her character might turnout to be in the film, rather than the fact she's getting screen time in the teaser. Mainly, because there are so many female roles to be filled for the Marvel cinematic universe. Sometimes we can over estimate a supporting actresses' role the Marvel films. However, Joss Whedon confirmed to HeyUGuys that fourth female character fit into the film somehow. Is it possible that Kim's character is that fourth lady?

At this point all we know about Claudia's character is that she is "a doctor/sciencetist who is friends with Tony Stark". A pretty damn vague character description, which must make Marvel less nervous about her talking to press about it. Who could Kim be playing?

That list is a long one, but a couple of key characters might fit well into this storyline. One name that comes to mind is Betty Ross, the scientist peer of Bruce Banner. Kevin, Mark and Joss have all spoke to the increased role Banner will have in the sequel, so it wouldn't be hard to imagine having important people in his life show-up, now that's living stateside.

We know that it's extremely possible the rest of the Incredible Hulk cast will be rebooted, having a new actress play Betty would be a natural step. Even more so if Marvel was indeed planning on moving forward with a new Hulk film. Betty also worked with SHIELD during the Ultimates, which the movies are heavily influenced by. She would also eventually become a hulk herself (Red She-Hulk). Including her would be a possible way to get around the use of Jennifer Walters and another green hulk, for the moment. Would Marvel push forward with another superpowered heroine other than Captain Marvel?

The friend aspect might clue us in as well. We do know that Tony's best buddy is Jim Rhodes who works for the Air Force. Well there is a female Marvel character that also works for the Air Force. That would be Carol Danvers (not to mention the C.I.A. and NASA), better known as Ms Marvel/Captain Marvel. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to make Carol friends with Rhodey, placing her into Stark's circle of friends. Danvers has a background with the C.I.A. and they've already established Sharon Carter is working with them after leaving SHIELD. There have been rumblings Claudia's character could have twist and his hiding among the Avengers for other motives. It's possible she's spying for the US Government (C.I.A.?) or whatever SHIELD has become after it's fall.

Carol isn't a stranger to science as well, and does spend some time working for NASA. This working environment could lead to the accident that gives her powers, or something similar to what happened in the comics.

Marvel is in active-development of a Captain Marvel film, and a script had already been drafted at one point. There was even early casting talk back in 2012, which was linked to the Avengers sequel. We've also heard buzz about her cameo in the film, being referred to as Ms Marvel at the end of the film. It would seem odd to have her at the end of the film. Could this be the reason why Marvel hasn't announced Captain Marvel, because they want to keep her a secret for Age of Ultron?

Another idea is that she's a member of the every sneaky HYDRA, who already have a presence in this film with Strucker creating the twins (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) and likely Captain America 3. A super-spy character like this wouldn't have much trouble embedding herself with someone like Tony Stark or the Avengers. We've been dying for Madame Hydra to finally show-up, in the films, and they are lacking in the way of developed female villains in the MCU. Marvel still owns the rights to use Madam Hydra as she's a long standing Captain America and Avengers villain. One of her aliases "Viper" was used in The Wolverine, mainly because of her connection to the hero and the X-Men. While none of her connections to Hydra were used in the film, including her codename/title or real name. Although, they did make Viper a doctor/scientist in the film. We know that Marvel has a slight issue with Fox, and have no problem pushing forward with characters already in the X-Men stable that they share. Adding Madame Hydra to the fold wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Another aspect to Madame Hydra is her roots with Asia. She has ties to the Yakuza in Japan, not to mention is the ruler/dictator of the fictional island country of Madripoor. HYDRA controlled country modelled after Singapore, that just happens to be located in Southeast Asia. The island is the launching-ground for many of the group's terrorist plots. While the island is very James Bond, it existing might explain where they could be setting up shop, once they've been rooted out of North America and Europe. Yes, the location is connected to X-Men, but I think the fact it also has a Hydra link might give them the ability to share it with Fox. Hiring an Asian actress like Kim for the role of Ophelia would make sense, but it also wouldn't be a requirement.

Marvel shot on location in South Korea, while I doubt they would replace the country with the fictional location of Madripoor (Hydra's base of operations). There is already talk of Italy doubling for Marvel's fictional Eastern European country Latveria (home of Wanda and Pietro Maximoff), and possibly (unlikely) that the South Africa shoot would include scenes for Wakanda (birthplace and kingdom of Black Panther). All three locations are fictional Marvel countries and could be a way to expand the scale of the Earthbound mythology for future movies.

We already know that Marvel is ramping-up Captain America 3, and having Hydra return in a big way is key. Tony Stark getting involved in the film brings-up a lot of possible story angles, which will spark the events of Civil War. Stark resurrecting SHIELD, for selfish reasons or restore the legacy of his father (Howard Stark helped create the organization). He eventually becomes the director of SHIELD (already rumored Tony takes a Fury role in MCU) and this could put the events in motion that sees the Avengers team split-up and fight each other.

What could possibly piss-off Rogers even more than rebuilding SHIELD after he spent all that effort and blood tearing it down? Working with the enemy to get results. Stark might not have that strong connection fighting Hydra, and might see them as an asset if twisted in his favor. There is point where he makes deals with the likes of Baron Zemo and the Thunderbolts (the return of Crossbones?). Tony working with a now legitimized Hydra could push Steve over the edge. Fuelling another attempt to takedown a bulling government organization that Rogers sees as corrupt and harmful to the world. These possible actions mixed with a "join SHIELD or be imprisoned" policy with the SRA, could lead to some crazy shit going down.

The thought of Stark becoming the unintentional villain of Captain America 3 would be worth seeing come together. Giving that amazing edge that we saw in Winter Soldier, where basically the rules of a superhero film are kind of thrown out the window to give us a strong/compelling story. The title Captain America: The Fallen Son could also allude to Stark's heroic status slowly fading away.

Could Kim take on the villainous role of Ophelia Sarkissian, alongside Baron Strucker and the modern incarnation of HYDRA? Will she playing more of a supporting role as Betty Ross or the future heroine Carol Danvers? The answers are clearly, we don't know for sure. And until someone get's confirmation from studio sources we're going to be in the dark for a little while. Who do you think Claudia Kim is playing in the Avengers sequel? And remember HAIL HYDRA!

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