October 8, 2014

Director Paul Feig Confirms All-Female GHOSTBUSTERS Reboot Is A Go!

Writer and director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) was in-talks with Sony to come-up with a new angle for a Ghostbusters reboot. His idea is to gender-swap the film, and give us an all-female lineup. A bold move, and one that fans and critics of the third film have embraced. It even caught the attention of Bill Murray, who loved the premise and even named women he'd like to see get roles. A couple of them being Krisen Wiig, Emma Stone and Melissa McCarthy. Perfect suggestions if I ever heard them. Stone was actually in early talks with Sony back when it was still going to be Ghostbusters 3.

Paul has taken to Twitter to confirm the project is a go, and they've also hired a writer for it. Feige says that Katie Dippold will write the script. Katie is best known for her work on the NBC series Parks And Rec, along with Feig's recent comedy The Heat. We have no idea if the studio will greenlight this script, but it seems like the all-female concept is a winner so far.


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