October 15, 2014

DC Comics Movie Lineup Revealed By Warner Bros. And Ezra Miller To Play THE FLASH!

Warner Bros. has finally revealed their plans for their DC Comics universe. This might just be on par with the amount of releases we'll be seeing from Marvel Studios. By 2020, we'll have twelve of these DCU films in theatres. The lineup includes some seriously diverse projects, which might leave Marvel in the dust. Kevin Feige and Disney are currently twiddling their thumbs about Black Panther and Captain Marvel, while WB have now committed to Wonder Woman and Cyborg movies.

Below is the order and release dates for the DC movies. It's an impressive list and should finally confirm that we won't be seeing crossovers with the CW shows.

- SUICIDE SQUAD (August 5th, 2016)
- WONDER WOMAN (June 23rd, 2017)
- JUSTICE LEAGUE PART 1 (November 23rd, 2017)
- THE FLASH (March 23rd, 2018)
- AQUAMAN (July 27th, 2018)
- SHAZAM (April 5th, 2019)
- JUSTICE LEAGUE PART 2 (June 14th, 2019)
- CYBORG (April 3rd, 2020)
- GREEN LANTERN Reboot (June 19th, 2020)

The studio also confirms that Zack Snyder will indeed be directing both installments of Justice League, the first movie coming in 2017. Fury director David Ayer is locked-in for Suicide Squad, which will be our first post-Batman v Superman movie in 2016.

I think the biggest news coming out of this is that the studio is looking at releasing solo adventures for Wonder Woman, The FlashAquman and surprisingly Ray Fisher's Cyborg. Ezra Miller (We Need To Talk About Kevin) has been cast as the DCU version of The Flash and Jason Momoa has finally been confirmed as Aquaman. Green Lantern is getting a complete reboot (goodbye Ryan Reynolds!) along with new solo stories for Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman.


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