October 16, 2014

Scarlett Johansson Wanted Badly For GHOST IN THE SHELL, Studio Offers Actress $10M

While Marvel Studios sleeps on the opportunity to make a Black Widow franchise. Other studios are taking advantage of Scarlett Johansson's rising action stardom. Lucy recently broke $400 million worldwide, beating the huge budgeted Hercules on opening weekend domestically. Even though, the French production cost $40 million to make.

Dreamworks wants Johansson baldy for their adaptation of the manga/anime Ghost In The Shell. Deadline reports the studio is offering the lead role, along with a $10 million payday. Margot Robbie was originally linked for the role, but could take a lead in Suicide Squad instead. An offer she would unlikely be getting from Marvel Studios. Her contract with Marvel is coming to an end, and it's unlikely the studio will want to re-up her contract. Knowing she would be asking for more money, and possibly her own feature.

Director Rupert Sanders (Snow White And The Hunstman, Live-Action Halo Commercials) has been tapped to direct Shell, and could become a launching-point for a very cool female-driven action franchise.


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