October 31, 2014

RUMOR: WB Working On WONDER WOMAN Trilogy Focusing On Roaring 20s And WWII?

BleedingCool is hearing that Warner Bros. has grander plans for Wonder Woman, stating they will be making a trilogy of films. This isn't shocking, since the heroine spans a extremely long timeline. They apparently have heard plot points of the greenlit script treatment. The first film will focus on warring Amazonian factions vying for control of Paradise Island and her exploration of world of man in the 1920s (I assume in the United States). It's sequel would then head into WWII set during the thirties and forties (echoing the original television series). Our final installment of the trilogy would be set in modern times.

"I have been informed by those who have seen the greenlit treatment that the film will spends the first half on Paradise Island with warring Amazon factions vying for control. An arrival of a man on the island changes that status quo, as he asks the Amazons for help. Not necessarily Steve Trevor either… Because when Wonder Woman joins him on his return to the world of Man, we all discover that it is the 1920s. And the film will then show Diana exploring that world – a world where women have only just got the vote – from her… unique perspective. A planned sequel would then take place during World War II in the thirties and forties. This of course was the period that the seventies TV show began in, before shifting to the then-modern day. And a threequel would then take place in the modern day, with the Justice League Of America."

Taking cues from period-set Captain America: The First Avenger. Seeing Diana likely actual fight real Nazis, not their fictionalized comic book equivalent (no Hydra here!). The site was the first to reveal Wonder Woman was going to be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. So they obviously have an in with the future of the character at Warner Bros. I'd love to see this happen, because she lends herself to this kind of story telling.

Having a mix of fantasy and war movie elements could help further separate her from Superman. This also sounds like a crazy mash-up of genres like Boardwalk Empire, 300, Captain America and Inglourious Basterds all blended together. This tone would be similar to Man of Steel or the somber Batman v Superman.

Having Gal Gadot signed-on for six films might be the reason that bigger names didn't land the role. Her commitment is going to be huge and will be a major lead in two Justice League movies. Wonder Woman also having a trilogy, would likely scare-off potential candidates.

Warner Bros. is currently searching for a director with names like Kathryn Bigelow, Michelle MacLaren, Mimi Leder, and Tricia Brock on a reported shortlist. The release date is slated for June 2017, so production will need to come together soon.

Wonder Woman - Fan Film from Jesse V. Johnson on Vimeo.

A fan short film featuring Diana kicking the shit out of Nazis during WWII got a lot of people talking about the character, and how Warner Bros. should approach the heroine.


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