October 10, 2014

Henson Company Developing LABYRINTH Sequel, Will Jennifer Connelly And David Bowie Return?

There's been a bit of a revival of Henson projects lately. The Muppets have release two recent movies, and Where The Wild Things Are proved the company still is keeping to their scary kids film roots. A new report from Variety reveals a couple of projects the production company is developing. These include the Fraggle Rock movie at New Line Cinema/Warner Bros., The Dark Crystal 2 which has been kicking-around since 2006 with Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Popeye, Hotel Transylvania) attached to direct. Projects we've been hearing about for ages, but one is seemingly new to me.

Variety mentions that a sequel to 1986's Labyrinth is also in the works. The original film mixed live-action actors Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie interacting with puppets in a very dark fairytale environment. Details aren't revealed here, but it wouldn't be hard to bring back Connelly/Bowie. The two actors are still kicking-around and making movies. Considering how popular recent female-led fairytale films are with Frozen, Maleficent and Alice In Wonderland, wouldn't be hard to see how a sequel could make an impact with audiences. Again, we have zero idea what development stage the film is at the moment. It's being mentioned as a sequel, which gives the impression we could see the original actors possibly returning.


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