October 28, 2014

Marvel Announces BLACK PANTHER Movie For 2017 And Confirms Chadwick Boseman For The Role

Today was Marvel's huge event at the El Capitan Theatre. They made some massive announcements, which we'll go over in a little bit. The biggest one being, that they've greenlit a Black Panther movie. Setting the release for November 2017 and confirming actor Chadwick Boseman (42, Get On Up) for the role. LatinoReview was the first site to stand-firm Chad was set for the role. They have been proven right, yet again.

We also have a piece of official concept art, which gives a mix of the traditional costume with some modern sleekness attributed to the cinematic universe. T'Challa will also have a big role in Captain America: Civil War, which will lead to the hero getting his own solo outing. Mark Bailey's script might still be the blueprint, but a new writer or director wasn't announced at the event. This also begs the question, is Andy Serkis indeed playing Klaw in Age of Ultron? Exciting times for Marvel fans indeed!


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