October 7, 2014

Karl Ubran Talking To Filmmakers About DREDD 2 And DARK JUDGES Miniseries Coming This Month

TheWrap has word from Dredd producer Adi Shankar that an online miniseries titled Dark Judges is coming later this month. The free series will have seven-parts, the assumption is that Adi directed these. He's already made something similar with Punisher: Dirty Laundry, which had Thomas Jane reprise his role for the short. Details haven't been revealed, but I assume from the title it will focus on Judge Death and the other Dark Judges. A group of villains that fans have been demanded to see in a sequel.

Some cool videos pertaining to Dredd 2 have surfaced last week. Actress Olivia Thirlby voices her appreciation of the fan support for the film, for the Day of Dredd event on October 1st. This sounds like Olivia might be on board for returning, if Dredd 2 happens. The day was setup in-support of the film, and asks people to sign the official sequel petition along with buying/watching the film.

Fans helped the film reach #1 on Amazon UK's Blu-Ray bestsellers list, and #11 on the US list. Impressive considering the film was outselling films like Frozen, Captain America: The Winter Solider and Edge of Tomorrow. While the box office wasn't great, it's found a cult following with home viewers.

On that note, Karl Urban had an update during this weekend. He told British talk show host Jonathan Ross that while in London he was going to be meeting with Dredd filmmakers about the sequel. The event in question was Destination Stark Trek 3. This could be just a meeting, considering Adi has stated a script doesn't even exist. Perhaps, everyone was getting together to discuss what the sequel could look like and where the script should go. You can see the video (via ThePlayer) from the event above.


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