May 17, 2011

RUMOR: Thor 2 Coming 2013 & Possible Villains?

It wasn't too long ago that Marvel Studios set Thor writer Don Payne to start working on a sequel's story. Director Kenneth Branagh said that the only way there would be another film if is audiences showed up and they did. Now with the film racking up close to $352 million worldwide in box office numbers so far it seems like a no-brainer for Marvel to move forward with another Thor.

CinemaBlend is now offering some tidbits of information concerning Thor 2. First they give the impression the film could be coming sooner than expected with a possible 2013 date opening the same summer as Iron Man 3. It sounds about right as Marvel has yet to announce a second 2013 film. They mention that possible villains could include Amora (The Enchantress) and Skurge (The Executioner) allies of Loki. Amora plays both sides working with and against Thor while trying to win his affection with magic and trickery. Skurge on the other hand is a bruiser warrior originally born in
Jotunheim (Frost Giant Realm).

Blend is usually on the money but things change as it's early in the development process. Previously they sited Fing Fang Foom, Ten Rings and Manderain as the villains in Iron Man 2 but that of course didn't turn out to be true. That being said the two a very likely going to be in future Thor films as they are centric characters but I wouldn't rule out non-Asgardian villains. Alice Eve has been linked previously to testing for different female roles and it's possible she very well could end up playing Amora. My hope is that the sequel is entirely set in the cosmic world giving us a better look at the mythology and the other realms. 

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