May 30, 2011

REVIEW: Source Code

Director Duncan Jones burst onto the scene with his stunning science fiction indie Moon. Garnering praise for his debut effort and eagerness for his next project. His second film Source Code still explores science fiction this time with alternative time lines. Is this another solid film from Duncan or a sloppy second misstep?

Source Code starts off simply enough as a Groundhog Day scenario where the Captain has to replay the same eight minutes to discover a bomber and save a city. It slowly turns into something more as we learn more about the solider and the program's intentions. It sort of reminded of something out of a Phillip K. Dick story as our character's perception of reality is explored and dismantled. The love story instead becomes a story of redemption and an excellent exercise of ethics within the science fiction genre. Duncan loves to show the seedy side of progress when it comes to scientific advancement and the power it wields. As much as I believed going in from it's trailers and promotional campaign this was going to be an average film it wasn't. I highly recommend seeing this film and to keep a look out for future films from Duncan Jones.


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