May 4, 2011


Thor is one of the best known Marvel characters but it's been years before it was possible to make a film that worked. Luckily, Marvel was successful with the Iron Man franchise and Incredible Hulk so they were able to make a Thor film in house. The film focuses on the Earthbound banished Thunder God where he has prove himself worthy of his Asgardian powers after foolishly sparking war. During this he develops affection for Jane Foster an Earth woman that shows him kindness. It also includes the mythology and fantasy elements of the comics.

While being a Marvel fan I never really followed the comics as much as I did with X-Men or Spider-Man. During it's production I caught up on the mythology and it prepared me for extensive cosmic world these characters live in. I was worried that the two different worlds wouldn't work in one film but I'm glad I was wrong. Thor is an excellent exercise in mixing genres it's one part fantasy, one part science fiction and one part action adventure comic book film. The movie balances the right amount of realm and Earth scenes along with one thing the Iron Man films didn't. Thor gives us just enough solid action scenes which I always felt was lacking in the Iron Man franchise. Acting in the film is decent enough but Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston are the big standouts. It's a fun and entertaining ride that's a great start to the superhero summer lineup.

After how well Marvel made Thor they can pretty much make any film from any of their extensive character library. I'm even more excited for Captain America and Avengers after seeing this film. The talk of a Thor sequel is actually valid as they haven't even started scratching the surface of the mythology. I highly recommend this film but as I saw this in 2D I can't speak on how the 3D conversion looks.


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