May 25, 2011

Vin Diesel Says Riddick 3 Shooting This Summer & Will Be Rated R

One of the lesser explored science fiction mythologies has to be the world of Riddick. We had such an amazing introduction to slams and mercs in Pitch Black. Yet things got out of hand when the studio lavished the PG-13 sequel with a massive budget and a story too big in scale for it's own good. It really became a film about the villains more than it did about Riddick. What was also taken away was the gritty violent world he inhabits. Riddick 3 is said to bring the franchise back to it roots with a single planet setting filled with deadly alien creatures and a squad of talented mercs.

Now there is word from Vin Diesel himself (via CinemaBlend) that he's worked things out with writer/director David Twohy on the third film. It's expected it will shoot this summer and he's taken a big paycut to make sure the film will be R. Considering the monstrous success of Fast Five Diesel seems to be back as a Hollywood asset. There is even early talk of him starring in Terminator 5. So for Vin to take on a passion project like Riddick 3, you have to commend him for his loyalty to the character. Plus there really could be a great film somewhere in that universe. I have to assume that they will end up aiming for a late summer or early fall release in 2012.

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