May 27, 2011

Matthew Vaughn Gives An Update On Bloodshot & A Rundown Of His Other Projects

During an interview with SuperHeroHype director Matthew Vaughn gave a small update on a project he had been linked to with writer Jane Goldman. He told the site that Bloodshot has at least a first draft completed but hasn't decided if it will be his next film.

I'm getting a new draft of it next week. Yeah, there are not many things. I'm so exhausted I'm going to take at least a couple months off now and then… it's very weird but if I have to make a movie, it's 'cause I see the whole thing in my head and I know it's going to be effortless in a sense of engaging my mind. That hasn't happened yet on what my next project is going to be.

FIRST CLASS 2 & KICK-ASS 2: While Vaughn seems unlikely to make Kick-Ass 2 as he's stated previously he loved the first film so much he didn't want to make a sequel just for a "cash grab".  Yet doesn't say it's out of the question. On the other hand he's been very vocal on returning to the First Class world he's created with more films. There has been talk of an exciting intro for the sequel involving Mangeto and JFK.

Yeah, if the film's a hit, I'd be very interested in doing a sequel. I really, really enjoyed… the team I had on it were great, and the hard thing is creating a new franchise, so if it works, it would be fun. My ideas are much bigger for the next one. I've got some really big … I'm surprised everyone is calling this a really big epic movie, and I'm thinking, "Wait until you view the next one if you think this is epic, the next one you won't believe what happens."

GOLDEN AGE: A yet unreleased comic book concept from Jonathan Ross the husband of Jane Goldman. Features retired superheroes who team up with their grandchildren after the parents screw things up threatening the destruction of the world. Matthew has said that he'd like to see Clint Eastwood in the lead along with Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. With the success of RED it doesn't sound of the question to see older actors cast in a superhero film.

TURF: Another exciting comic book from Jonathan Ross this time features prohibition era bootlegging gangster vampires and aliens. I personally think this project is different enough from all the other things in development it could be ripe for the screen. Even more so considering how popular Boardwalk Empire and vampires are at the moment.

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