May 4, 2011

Thor's Jamie Alexander Wouldn't Mind Playing X-23

Talking to FilmCritic Jamie Alexander who plays Lady Sif in Thor spoke about her love of comics and thoughts on her future in comic book films. She revealed that she was involved with the Wonder Woman casting a few times but agrees that the current adaptations aren't very faithful to the comics. She also mentioned that she'd love to do a DC Comics film but has been blacklisted since her involvement with Thor. Jamie teases wanting to play X-23 if they ever use her in a film. The X-Men universe character is a young female clone of Wolverine and has yet to be explored. Personally I think Jamie would make a better Domino but she'd be great in any future Marvel roles.

"I was cast in Thor back in 2009, so it sort of took me out of the running for anything tied to DC Comics. They wouldn't even see me for the Superman movie or any of that stuff. Which is completely fine. I understand that. But I keep trying. I'm sitting around the Marvel offices telling guys, "So, listen, if you are going to make an X-23 movie and you need someone to do it, I'm available."

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