May 13, 2011

Derek Luke Reprising Howling Commando Gabe Jones In Avengers

Variety recently did a story on Derek Luke and revealed he will be seen in Avengers. Luke plays founding member of The Howling Commandos Gabe Jones in Captain America during the WWII scenes. The question is how is he going to be shown in the film? The article doesn't speak on that aspect but there are few ways he could return.

First, it could be a flash back to previous experiences/adventures of Cap with the Howlers. Second, it might involve the infinity formula which was given to a dying Nick Fury during WWII which slowed down his aging. This formula also affected the Howling Commandos (Jones, Dum Dum Dugan) as it made it's way into their bodies as well from close contact. Previously there had been talk of a Howling Commandos spin-off and if they introduce the infinity formula they could push forward with more of their adventures throughout American conflicts (Korea, Vietnam, Cold War).

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