May 1, 2011

CAST EM'!: Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained

While Christoph Waltz has been confirmed for a major role in Django Unchained. It's expected that Franco Nero, Treat Williams and Keith Carradine will have roles as well with the possibility of Uma Thurman. I think I have few actors in mind for the role of Django. Tarantino is unpredicable as he's mentioned wanting to use Eddie Murphy in Basterds at one point so his casting could come from left field.

Along with Eddie Murphy I could see him looking to actors he's worked with before like Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Jai White and Jacky Ido. Personally I think Idris Elba is a good fit for the role. Mainly because he reminds me of a Franco Nero or Charles Bronson in the sense of how he carries himself as a gruff serious actor. He might be a little mainstream for a Tarantino film but I can't help but think of him in this role. Others that come to mind include Anthony Mackie (Hurt Locker), Derek Luke (Miracle At St. Anna, Captain America) and Laz Alonso (Jarhead, Avatar, Breakout Kings).

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