May 22, 2011

REVIEW: Burke & Hare

Burke & Hare is the return for legendary comedy director John Landis. His films Animal House and American Werewolf In London are still some of favorites. So I was quite excited to see his newest comedy starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis. The film focuses on two body snatchers who go into business for themselves which turns into a murder spree. Does Burke & Hare live up to the legend's previous work?

The film is more in the genre of black comedy rather than horror which I believe it had been promoted. Based on true events it's more realistic than most dark comedies and it's more chilling to believe this was common practice at one point in time. While Simon Pegg and Isla Fisher end up with the most screentime the scene stealers were Andy Serkis and Jessica Hynes (Spaced, Son of Rambo). It's a fun little romp with a few slow moments but the film is more in the vain of British comedies. So if you're not a fan of Shaun of The Dead or Brit-coms you might not get into it as much. I enjoyed it and it's worth renting if you get the chance. Compared to Landis' other films I think it's more in the level of Werewolf without it's scale and serious gore.


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