May 31, 2011

Warner Bros. & Legandary Pictures Developing Hangover 3

Deadline reports that both Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are eager to move forward with Hangover 3. They've set screenwriter Craig Mazin who worked on Hangover 2 to write the third installment. This doesn't surprise anyone as director Todd Phillips and the cast have been mentioning loving to return for another film. Not to mention the $200 million dollar opening weekend worldwide. Phillips saying Hangover 2 is "the Empire Strikes Back of the Hangover trilogy". Along with the cast mentioning the next film could be set in Amsterdam.

I don't mind seeing a third film as the second was a better version of the original. With great new gags and interesting depraved bits. A few things I'd like to see removed from the sequel. First no more weddings it seems to be a crutch which the series doesn't need. Another thing the franchise doesn't need is non-comedians in supporting roles. I found the second film had way too many of Phillips' friends placed in small pointless roles. It should be focused on the three main guys and perhaps Mr. Chow. Since Ken Jeong pretty much made that film a million times funnier. There is something strange that there are only five professional comedians in a large comedy film like this. Hire people that are funny and if you're going to have cameos making them more exciting/known people.

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