May 19, 2011

Could This Be Black Widow's Avengers Costume?

Recently we heard that in the Avengers we would see new costumes for a majority of the cast. It was confirmed that Hawkeye, Captain America and Thor would see changes. Black Widow was also mentioned and Scarlett Johansson was sporting a new cropped Widow hairstyle recently. While looking for concept artwork I came across this image from the Iron Man 2 art book which features a different take on the Black Widow costume. The thing that caught my attention is that the unused concept art has Black Widow with a similar hairstyle that Scarlett had shown off. Could this be what Widow's new Avengers outfit will look like?

Here's a larger version of the concept artwork. You can notice this a variant and looks more like a classic SHIELD costume. The quality isn't great as it's a screen shot from a video. Also unused was Widow's classic hourglass belt which I also hope makes Avengers.

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