May 13, 2011

Marvel Reveals The Items In Odin's Vault Quickly Shown In Thor

Marvel has officially released stills of some of the other special items kept in Odin's vault. While the Casket of Ancient Winters was the main idol of Thor these are also powerful items could be used in future films like Thor 2. DailyBlam was able to compile a list of the items and their origins/powers.

Orb of Agamotto: A scrying crystal ball used by Doctor Strange for clairvoyance. It has been known to open gateways between dimensions

 Eternal Flame: Mystical flame that cannot be extinguished. It was stolen from Surtur by Odin, Vili, and Ve Borson at the dawn of time so that Surtur could not light his sword and bring about Ragnarok.

 Warlock's Eye: A powerful, mystical weapon used unsuccessfully against Odin, Thor and the Warriors Three during an invasion of Asgard.

Infinity Gauntlet: The Infinity Gauntlet was designed to hold six of the 'soul gems', better known as the Infinity Gems. When used in combination their already impressive powers made the wearer nearly invincible.
Tablet of Life & Time: On the tablet was a biochemical formula for a serum, the so-called Lifeline Formula, which could rejuvenate, heal and grant its user the chance to reach the full evolutionary potential of its race turning the user into an immortal near omnipotent being.

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