May 8, 2012

Thanos Showing Up In 'THOR 2' To Get His Hands On The Infinity Gauntlet?

While everyone is filing into theaters to see The Avengers, many will be clueless about the mid-credit bonus scene that featured a purple faced alien. This cameo was that of Marvel villain Thanos who was likely pulling the strings of Loki's army behind the scenes. Fans seem to be convinced that this was a teaser for Avengers 2. However, I believe this might be more connected with the Thor sequel. We know that Captain America 2 will follow Steve's experiences with SHIELD after the events of Avengers, along with his integration into the modern world. Iron Man 3 will see Stark stranded again without his armor or his Avengers pals including SHIELD to help him out. Thor 2 on the other hand seems to be the more mysterious of the three sequels.

All we really know is that Jane, Erik and Darcy will be in Asgard while Loki will take a backseat as the main baddie. The population of Asgard will be doubled meaning a much larger cast. Alan Taylor is taking inspiration from his series Game of Thrones as Asgard is getting a downgrade makeover. Focusing more on it's Norse roots instead of Flash Gordon inspired sets, we should expect a more rustic/grounded Asgard littered with ancient castles/towers/gates. Loki may or may not be fighting alongside Thor again as his brother.

Thanos could have a role in this film if only to claim Loki to repay his debt to him. Loki made a deal with Thanos to get an alien army to force his will upon Earth. Perhaps getting access to Odin's vault and stealing the Infinity Gauntlet is his payment. This cosmic item seen in Odin's vault is used by Thanos to kill half the population of the universe. This massive slaughter was an offering to Death (an actual being in female form) to show his love for her. It could lead to a conflict that might lead to Guardians of The Galaxy rather than straight into Avengers 2.

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