May 21, 2012

Andrew Garfield Wouldn't Mind Joining 'AVENGERS 2'

Andrew Garfield was asked by Vulture if he had seen the Avengers and if Spider-Man should join the team. He gives praise to the film and longed to swing alongside the other Marvel heroes. It was likely a joke but as the Sony/Marvel relationship has gotten closer over the last couple of years anything could be possible.

"I saw it, and I was blown away. And I'm going to see it again this weekend. I have no problem adding to the amount of money it's making! [Laughs.] Joss Whedon is a genius, and it's an incredible cast. I was very, very jealous, and I wanted to jump on the screen and play with them. It killed me that I wasn't in it, but I understand why, and I'm not insulted. But hey, if Samuel L. Jackson wants to give me a shout, I'm there for the next one!"

Marvel has stated they have no plans to bring in Spider-Man or the X-Men into the fray (since they don't own the film rights) but I'm sure they understand the extra draw to sequels if they did. Stranger things have happened and let's just say Sony has been amping up the "Marvel" aspect of Amazing Spider-Man in recent TV ads. The Marvel logo is prominently flashed at the beginning of the spot to the point you'd think this was another Marvel Studios film.

If Sony was smart they could tie Spidey into the Avengers franchise to better help promote the rebooted Spider-Man franchise. The first thing that Marvel did after Avengers wrapped production was they announced sequels to Thor and Captain America. Knowing that there is now a much larger audience willing to see Cap and Thor in their own films. Considering neither of the two films ended up making Iron Man type box office numbers. Garfield's Spider-Man could get that extra exposure down the line if need be.

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