May 19, 2012

RUMOR: Ant-Man Given The Greenlight By Marvel Studios?

Twitch is hearing rumblings from Cannes that Ant-Man has been greenlit by Marvel Studios. An official announcement hasn't been made but Twitch is usually on the money with these sort of early tips. They're also clearly pointing out this is a "rumor" being spread at the Cannes Film Festival. Usually talk like this at Cannes comes from a source and not just randomly speculated. Perhaps an overzealous studio representative let the news slip over some drinks?

In any case Edgar Wright told SlashFilm this week that he had hoped to shoot both Ant-Man and World's End this year. Giving the impression that it was possible for Wright to shoot both films in the same year. During Avengers press Marvel's Kevin Feige gave the impression an announcement about the film was going to be made very soon. World's End is expected to start shooting in September so in theory Wright could spend a couple of weeks/months on Ant-Man first. Could Benedict Cumberbatch's visit to the Marvel office have a connection?

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