May 24, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe Wants To Play The Flash

Collider spoke to Daniel Radcliffe during press for the BluRay release of The Woman In Black which was adapted by Jane Goldman (X-Men First Class 1-2, Kick-Ass). Daniel says that he'd be open to making a comic book film but a lot of the big names have been taken. Stating that he'd love a shot at The Flash, which shows an extremely loyalty to Warner Bros. The studio stated they'd be pursuing DC heroes to replace the void left by Potter. It makes sense to see WB try to wrangle Daniel into playing one of their heroes.

"Yeah, absolutely. I dunno who’s left, I mean a lot of comic books have . . . they’ve all been done. I don’t think anyone’s done The Flash yet, and that’s one I’d probably have a go at. Other then that, I’m not sure which comic book heroes are left."

Currently there is a script in place for The Flash but with Green Lantern bombing last summer the studio will be cautious with their next move. Lobo looks like the next movie to get made along with the Batman reboot, Sgt. Rock, Man of Steel 2, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad.

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