May 24, 2012

SPECULATION: Surtur Also A Possible Villain In 'THOR 2' ?

During a recent interview with MTV Chris Hemsworth was asked about the possibility of Thanos being the villain of Thor 2. Chris stated Thanos would be "too easy" and "we need a bigger fish". Could this mean giant fire god Surtur is on the table? There was a link to Surtur as well in Odin's Vault during the first film. The Eternal Flame was seen in the vault which is a mystical flame that cannot be extinguished. It was stolen from Surtur by Odin, Vili, and Ve Borson at the dawn of time so that Surtur could not light his sword and bring about Ragnarok. Without the Bifrost there isn't much stopping Surtur invading the other realms on the hunt for his sword and an army from Muspelheim invading Asgard to get his hands on the eternal flame.

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