May 18, 2012

Ryan Reynolds Frontrunner For 'HIGHLANDER'

ShowBlitz has interesting casting news today as Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds is now the frontrunner for the lead in the Highlander reboot. No official offer has been made but it's looking good and Ryan doesn't often turn down these type of roles. The assumption is that Ryan will play Colin, a Scottish highlander who discovers he's an immortal while fatally wounded on the battlefield only to be resurrected. Under the guidance of an elder immortal he's taught the rules and limits of his new powers. He chugs along for hundreds of years living through the highlights and downsides of history, until the president day story begins. The immortals are locked in a struggle to become the only one left alive. An immortal can only be killed by their head being cut-off. When the duel is over the winner absorbs the fallen immortal's energy which in-turn increases their power/strength and immortality. Some immortals like Colin keep a close group of immortals as friends instead of hacking their heads off for power.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) is set direct and replaced Justin Lin (Fast Five) who had to drop out of the project to focus on Fast Six. Iron Man scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway came on to do rewrites but the quality of the film won't be known until we get a trailer. It's an interesting choice considering Ryan's massive Green Lantern flop and negative buzz surrounding his next comic book project R.I.P.D. However, he did have a number one hit with Safe House that co-starred Denzel Washington. Hopefully it light another fire under 20th Century Fox to finally get Deadpool made. It's unknown at this point if this will be a complete reboot of the franchise or stay faithful to same beats of the original film. A villain hasn't been named but it's possible a new super-immortal could be introduced along with non-villainous immortals that Colin plays nice with.

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