May 26, 2012

CASTING RUMOR: Michael Fassbender Joining 'DJANGO UNCHAINED'?

ThePlaylist has picked up on a possible rumor that says Michael Fassbender has been spotted on the set of Django Unchained. We recently heard that the anticipated teaser for Django would be attached to Fassbender's film Prometheus. Harvey Weinstein previously stated that Tarantino fans should expect more additions to the cast and possible surprise cameos. Is Fassbender going to have one of these special cameos?

Fassbender essentially was thrown into the mainstream after his pivotal role in Inglourious Basterds. He is currently shooting Steve McQueen's Twelve Years A Slave, which just so happens has a similar setting/theme. Apparently, both films are shooting in the Louisiana area which could make it simple for Michael to jump onto the Django set to read a couple of lines. It's possible that he came in as a favor to Quentin when three actors backed out of the project. Fassy could end up playing Ace Woody (unlikely/Kurt Russell), Scotty (Sacha Baron Cohen) or even the Aussie hick brother originally set for Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Or, in true Tarantino fashion a new role has been created on the fly.

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